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According to modern medicine, autism is a sophisticated and multifaceted disease which can manifest with differing severity and symptoms.  According to modern medicine, the cause of autism is still unknown.  Modern medicine will treat autism with either pharmaceuticals that are akin to methamphetamine or pharmaceuticals that are narcotic and sedative.  Neither treatment addresses even the most basic of symptoms, however the sedative treatments are used frequently instead of patience and other methods.

I am a researcher and I research human function.  I specialize in "hard to solve" diseases like autism.  I am not a physician, but am well recognized as an expert in the field of human function and I was a TedX speaker in my field in 2022.

Cellular function is always striving toward perfection.  Damaged or dysfunctional cells are replaced with newer and more functional ones.  This is the way life works.  In order for a disease like autism to happen, SOMETHING must intervene.  In order for autism to continue to happen, something must take hold.  That something is bacterial (or viral or fungal..I will use the word "bacterial" to describe all).  There is no question that people who have autism have altered microbiomes.  They also have altered fatty acid processing and altered immune functions.  Autistic people do not get sick like most people.  They also rarely suffer from cancer.  This is because they have an altered immune system.  They will also crave salt in proportion to the severity of their autism.  This is due to innate understanding that propionic acid can be neutralized by salt.  Propionic acid is what they use to model autism in rats and mice.  It is a short chain fatty acid that is consistent with autism and also consistent with bacteria.  Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is another consistent with autism.  LPS is a neurotoxin produced by bacteria.

As these bacteria set up in an autism loop, they have to hijack both the immune system and a transport system for food and reproduction.  With autism it is looking like this "loop" involves blood stem cells, immune cells, the blood system, and the lymphatic system.  The bacteria will use advantageous times to propagate.  When this loop is in full force and effect, the bacteria will change the metabolism of cells.  They actually cause a kind of "cancer" of the white blood cells.  When white blood cells are in the loop they will metabolize similar to cancer cells.  Even in the presence of oxygen they will continue to run on glucose in something called anaerobic glycolysis or the "warburg effect".  This causes a tremendous need for sugars and carbohydrates.

So what can we do?  With modern medicine in the dark about what autism even is, let alone how to treat it, how can we begin to help the one in fifty four kids that are now born with autism?   That is 2% of all births. 

We have found that natural products can help the body blast past the autism loop.  By giving cells the ability to jump past the immune loops that bacteria use, we can begin to see situations like autism abate.  Every cell is always striving toward perfect, we just need to understand why cells get stuck and how to get them out of the loops that a bacterial infection can cause.

It is very common knowledge that dietary interventions are the single biggest thing that can help an autistic kiddo.  Many children have fully recovered from autism just by dietary changes.  Past dietary changes, supplements that contain resveratrol, berberine, theanine, and other similar molecules can affect the toll-like receptors (TLR's) which are part of the immune sensing of bacteria.  By affecting these sensors a "reset" can happen.  Supplements that affect GABA can also be effective at giving the body what it needs.

Every autistic situation is different.  While the underlying causes are similar the symptoms can be myriad and different.  A child with meltdowns but good social interaction does not need the same supplementation as a child who has bad social interactions with no eye contact.  There certainly are "common" supplements which will help the body with bacterial infections which seem to have positive effects with autism.  Since these have not been through the FDA's "drug discovery" process, no one can make claims about them yet.  

So what can you do as a parent or a caretaker?


  • Understand that child's individual needs
  • Understand how that child's "brand" of autism or adhd may be unique and cannot be categorized
  • Natural products seem to be far more effective at helping the body with autistic symptoms than current pharmaceuticals
  • A combination of behavior, diet, and supplementation have been shown to be effective at improving the symptoms of autism
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