The “Business Model” is KILLING US!

The “Business Model” is KILLING US!

In 1910 a report was published which completely redefined medical science and put as all into the German model of drug development being used at an IGFarben subsidiary called Bayer.   This is what defined current medical science and pharmaceuticals.  The report was called “The Flexner Report”.  Sponsored by Carnegie Mellon. Rockefeller’s, and other elitist and industrialist.  Major spending was put behind the propaganda around this report.  Every medical school was paid or coerced into the adopting the model presented in the report.  the “german” model they called it.  Millions and millions were spent on this effort and it was very successful.  By the 1940’s anyone who deviated from the model was branded a “heretic” or a “charlatan”.  Alternative medicine and schools were quickly squashed.  Their efforts were so successful that they would completely take over medicine and the pharmaceuticals industry.  They would get rich creating petroleum based products for uses in health, clothing, and about every other area of life.  They would get rich moving you away from the God given cures already provided by Nature to their artificial petroleum model.

Whether intentional or not, this model put an institution between us and God.  God has always given us the cures and the abilities to make ourselves the perfect machines he has given us.  We just need to knowledge to unlock these cures and abilities.  

In 1900 we had some amazing things going on in medicine.  Plants had been used as medicines since time began, but scientists and layman were beginning to find that there were molecules in plants (like curcumin from turmeric) that were the why’s of the medical effects of these plants.  As they isolated these molecules they were able to build stronger and stronger medicines.  This is the same science we are improving on in our company today.

Further, there were different areas of medicine.  Electrotherapy was a big one.  In the early 1900’s they were delivering localized pain medications, like a pain patch, using electrotherapy.  They were using ionic calcium to regrow teeth!  This is all documented and you can even go back and read their old journals.  A gentleman by the name of Royal Rife invented a microscope which was capable of identifying the origins of bacterial blooms.  These blooms would start as granules and could develop to bacteria and all the way to fungus and then be de-granulized WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY.  He observed that cancers were a special type of bacteria that did not have cell walls and he developed a machine which would kill these special bacteria.  A whole new area of science, quickly shut down by the Flexner folks, called pleomorphism developed.  The Flexner folks even had to change the way microscopes worked to shut down this new and developing area of science.  Look at cancer under something called a “dark field” microscope.  Or consider that a major new alternative cancer treatment are anti-parasitics, which are specially designed to kill bacteria.

IGFarben was an interesting company.  They made everything in German from about 1920 to 1940’s.  They made the tanks and planes that fired the shells and dropped the bombs that killed millions.  They made the zylon gas.  They built the pharmaceutical industry through Bayer and others they owned.  They were broken up after WWII, but were they really?  Bayer still exists.  What of the other companies?  Have you ever seen that chart where almost every food and textile company rolls up to about 5 or 6 major companies that own them all?  There is also a pharma chart that looks similar.  All of these ownership/rollup companies can all be tracked back to the old IGFarben conglomerate.

Ask yourself this.  Has this model served us well?  Their “petroleum products” have tried to duplicate and mimic Nature and have just made us sicker.  Their food companies contribute to our sickness with their sugars and high fructose corn syrup.  They try to treat our symptoms with their pharmaceutical companies which just make us far worse.  We get sicker.  They get richer.

God built a perfect system for us.  Nature provides us with wonderful food sources which are abundant.  Eating these food sources provides us with HEALTH.  When issues arise, Nature presents us with the CURES.  We will never be healed from false prophets and false idols.  Only Gods expression through Nature can truly provide us with optimal health and true healing.

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