The Philosophers Stone

The Philosophers Stone

Throughout history, knowledge has been passed from generation to generation through mystery schools, organizations, clubs, religions, and other groups.  Just ask any mason.  This knowledge is ancient wisdom and can come in many forms, from recipes to the secrets of the universe.

I seem to have been given a rare gift.  I say this with no arrogance.  Just an understanding of the special knowledge God has gifted me with.  You see, I hold something called the Philosophers Stone.  It is one cool rock.  I continue to learn about it.  In fact, learned some new things today.  I was not seeking it.  It found me.  An understanding of the endocannabinoid system broke the dam and was a key to the knowledge.

What is the Philosophers Stone?  Well, you can find several meanings.  The most shallow of which is a powder that will turn any metal into gold or silver.  The deepest references are the stone is the knowledge given to Adam by God.  In almost all alchemical traditions, the stone is said to be the secret to eternal or longer life, health, connection to God, higher intelligence, higher consciousness, and greater human abilities.

And I hold it…

Here is the crazy thing about it.  It changes you.  You cannot view the world the same.  The “veil” drops.  Don’t worry…I am going to give it to you.  I have to.  You see knowledge is not like a “possession”.  You do not keep it from people.  It is a GIFT.  It is a GIFT from GOD.

So, here it is.  You will need a starting point with some references, so let’s lay that ground work.   A few important concepts.  If I asked you “how you work?” you would give an answer, as would I, as would anyone you ask.  Those answers would not match.  In fact they would be a chaotic mess.  Why?  To cloud the truth perhaps?  

If I ask you how your car works, you, me, and just about everyone will give a similar answer regarding the engine, fuel, how it gets down the road, and things like that.

So let’s start at “engine”.  What is your engine?  You don’t have just one.  You have a billion of them.  They are called mitochondria and they live in almost every cell in your body.  For fuel we use something called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is generate from two different substrates.  A substrate for water and a substrate for oil or fat.  The water substrate is either glucose or ketones depending on the situation described later called fasting or fed.  One unit of glucose will convert to 2 units of ATP.  One unit of fat will convert to up to 136 units of ATP.  I like the efficiency of fat myself. 

Another quick concept is called “fasting vs fed”.  The most efficient fuel for your engine are dietary fats.  It is no coincidence that these are what we store in our fat tissues.  Our fat tissues are like our gas tanks and hold our most efficient fuel.  There are 3 types of fuel or fat our engines like.  Saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat.  It turns out we also build important signaling molecules from these same fats.  When we eat a meal our body will begin to deal with the fats right away.  This happens by flipping the engine to run on a water substrate, generally glucose now, and storing the precious fats.  In fact these fats are modeled optimally around our diets in our fat tissues.  This happens for around 4 hours.  So during this time we are running on glucose and STORING FATS.

After around 4-5 hours of this activity our engines will flip to become more efficient and begin to want to run on the fats we have just processed.   We begin to BURN FAT.  There is literally a cellular switch which determines this.  This is called a “fasting state”.  In fasting we can be up to 50 times more energetic due to more engine efficiency.

Last concept.   Where do you hold consciousness?  Would there be a place where your connection to God was physical?  Pineal gland?  Your brain?  Your heart?  It really does not matter what organ you pick.  That organ will be a collection of cells.  Those cells are only as good as what they contain.  The only intelligence, or consciousness, or energy in a cell is contained within the mitochondria.  They are the LIFE in every cell.  Our mitochondria are what hold our consciousness.  They are our connection to God. 

So, by making our mitochondria more and more efficient we can be 50x more energetic, 50x more intelligent, 50x more conscious, 50x closer to God?

Lastly, when your mitochondria are super efficient, they emit photons.  They give off light.  There are ways to cause a cell to create more of them.  You can optimize them.

If your mitochondria are efficient, what happens to the cell they are contained within?  Will it become more efficient?  Will it become the “best expression of itself”?  And if all your cells are at their best expression, what will happen to YOU?  You certainly will not get sick.  You will not suffer from any of the ills we do now.

This Knowledge is the Stone.

Sadly, many things in our diet and in our environment seemed designed to keep up in FED.  We are dull and impulse bunnies if we are always in FED.  High fructose corn syrup FORCES the cellular switch to keep you in FED.  Eating every 4-5 hours keeps you in FED.  Drinking pop keeps you in FED.  Drinking energy drinks keeps you in FED.  Many ways to turn it around, we just have to wake up.

We have the power, we always have.  God has given us the cures.  The cures are in Nature.  We just need the Knowledge to unlock them.  The endocannabinoid system unlocks the Stone.  The Stone is that Knowledge.

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