Horses Poop Caryophyllene

Horses Poop Caryophyllene

At GnuPharma we study human function.  Human function easily extends to mammalian function and we get asked to look into a lot of things.

Whether you are a horse or a human you will set a nutritional “state” based on your dietary input of saturated, monounstratured, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  When you (or a horse) consumes these fatty acids they immediately build Endocannabinoids in the intestinal lumen.  These Endocannabinoids that are newly built then provide feedback to the brain and set a nutritional state.  If the subject is consuming these fats in the proper ratio’s, then the horse or human is generally satisfied and does not need much of a “back up” system.  However, if the diet is deficient in these dietary fatty acids, then the backup system will have to be engaged.  That backup system is a microbiome where useful proteins can be manufactured by bacteria.  Bacteria are ALLOWED to develop via Endocannabinoid system mechanism under these circumstance and can be controlled, within reason, by the Endocannabinoid system.  The worse the diet, the more diverse and unmanageable the microbiome, and the more subject to diseases.  In fact, almost all disease is caused by pathogenic bacteria.

So, by understanding these principals, we can really treat just about anything based on natural products and dietary fats.  Further, by understanding the Endocannabinoid signaling, we can get in the middle of some of these processes and help the mammalian body with some very obvious deficits.

In that light I was doing some research for a vet group on anti-inflammatories for large animals.  Caryophyllene is a named molecule in our issued patents and it is super good for inflammation.  So I decided to search on “Horse Caryophyllene” and see what National Institute of Health (NIH) studies I would encounter.  Usually they pop right up to the top of the search.  Not this time.  Instead I got a BUNCH of hits on Pandas who roll in horse poop.

Yes…you read that right PANDAS WHO ROLL IN HORSE POOP

Now why in the world would a Panda roll in horse poop?  According to the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences,  “Our 10-year field observations of Qinling giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) indicated that fresh horse manure sometimes exhibits a strong attraction for pandas and leads them to roll in such dunghills.”

“Interestingly, the ancient trade routes connecting Shu kingdom and Chang’an made the captive horses for good transit into a stable member in the present panda habitat for thousands of years, thereby keeping horse dunghills and their odor familiar to the populations of the pandas, they noted.”

The researcher concluded that, “Caryophyllene and Caryophyllene oxide were then found to interact with the pandas’ thermosensitive receptor pathway called transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) and inhibit cold activation of the pathway.

The authors think that manure rolling behavior may help the pandas acclimatize to cold temperatures.”

“As seen in human history for discovering hot sensation or coolness from chili peppers or mints, more generally, we assumed that the thermal sensations induced by Beta-Caryophyllene and Caryophyllene oxide play a role in the life history of giant pandas,” Dr. Zhou and co-authors.”

Now wait a sec.  Pandas use horse poop for a reason?  To get used to the cold?  

Caryophyllene also impacts the CB2 receptor in the Endocannabinoid system.  This receptor is heavily involved in the pain response and in immune response.  While a Panda may be after the Caryophyllene for warmth, they may also be after it for immune and pain relief reasons.

Consider this.  A Panda in the wild will not suffer from auto-immune disease.  A Panda in the wild will not get IBS or Crohn disease.  A Panda in the wild will not get cancer.  They might die from a trauma or get a virus, but they do not suffer the same list of disease we do…UNTIL you bring that Panda into captivity and feed it the same diet we eat, THEN that Panda will develop all the same disease we do.

And now we know a Panda in the wild will use natural products to help deal with its environment and environmental changes.  No Pharma.  No doctor.  Just one healthy bear.

So, how can this help us?  By understanding the power of medicinal terpenes, we can understand how they are used by Nature and how we might mimic that same use.  Could the behavior of panda’s help us better understand how we acclimatize?  Could stimulating TRPM8 help with cold sensitivities?  By extension could stimulating TRPV1 help with hot sensitivities?

Caryophyllene is abundant.  In fact it is a very good “anti”.  Anti-inflammtory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-biotic.  At GnuPharma we use it in a lot of formulation via black pepper and black cumin.  If our diets are deficient, and almost every one of use has a deficient diet, how do we supplement around the lack of nutrients?  Well it turns out we eat a lot of inflammatory dietary fats and not many anti-inflammatory dietary fats.  As a result our microbiomes have to pick up A LOT of slack and are ripe for dis regulation.  Caryophyllene is a great supplement to help this misbalance.  It provides a lot of “make up” power we would get from our lack of dietary omega 3 and monounstratured fatty acids.

If you are struggling with pain, or having a lot of gut issues, or having some mental issues, these all could be related to gut chaos.  The effects of Caryophyllene have been shown to calm this situation, bring unruly bacteria back under control, help offset the lack of anti-inflammatories, and provide needed resources to the Endocannabinoid system for immune and protective control. 

At GnuPharma we will always educate you on how to heal yourself.  However, we will also provide our formulations in a brand that is easy to buy and available online.  Our brand is called  TrueMedX. Products that contain black cumin and black pepper will be our products highest in Caryophyllene.

God has always provided us the cures.  The cures are in Nature.  When we remove our arrogance, and use simple logic and observation, Gods gifts emerge.  


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