Gut Thermal Image

Gut Thermal Image

This customer is showing signs of a gut/bacterial infection.  This would be a situation which would be helped by the details a bioresonance scan could provide.  We see indications of inflammation and something is going on, we just need more data.  What we can tell from this thermogram is this.  The area associated with the transition between the small and large intestine is hotter than surrounding areas indicating infection.  Further heat is shown in the area of the right urinary system.  The ENTIRE digestive region is hotter than the areas indicated which indicates a severity of the situation, in this case the infection appears to be low grade, however, that is still enough to effect health.

What is Thermography or Thermal Imaging?

Thermography is uniquely designed to assess the functionality of all the major organs and systems in the body. Thermography is reliable way to map and display temperature differences in the body. Inflammatory and hypothermic patterns will present themselves on the thermography scan. This allows us to see underlying issues in the body’s environment as a whole. Without a healthy environment, the body cannot work as it was naturally intended. Thermography is one of the most accurate ways to detect problems in the vascular, muscular, neural, and skeletal systems. We help you identify and address the root causes rather than just looking at one-off symptoms.

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