About Us

"redefine your function at neighborhood nutrition"

Neighborhood Nutrition is your partner in achieving a healthy and robust lifestyle! We use top-quality ingredients and cutting-edge science to create nutritional foods that benefit everyone, no matter what your current health status may be. Whether you're dealing with a disease like autism, a high-performance athlete, or just looking to feel better, we have a solution that can specifically work for you!

We understand that some of you might be undergoing an allopathic medical program right now, but don't worry - our services can still support you. Alongside our fantastic nutritional plant-based products, we offer world-class testing and health consulting. We deliberately choose testing modalities that are non-invasive, so you don't have to endure any unnecessary discomfort. Our testing and evaluation methods, paired with our patented ability to improve human function, allow us to holistically treat human health.

Come visit us today, whether you want to "change your function" or just grab a cup of tea or a hot and fresh toastie, we are here to help and support every step of the way!