Answers 4 Autism

At Neighborhood Nutrition we bring world class science combined with the highest quality ingredients to build nutritional foods which support a healthy and robust lifestyle. It does not matter your health status, we will have ways to improve your function. Whether you are a family dealing with a disease such as autism, or a high performance athlete, or just someone who wants to feel better, we will have a solution for you.

Let's talk about what Autism is first. It is a multifaceted disease that manifests in many different ways:

Behavioral outburst are common but not consistent. Lack of eye contact and inability to focus are common but not consistent. The "commonality" between all is developmental delays, behavioral and social issues. So each case has to be considered individually as to the cognitive situation, the behavior situation, and the social situation. And because of this, each suggested behavioral, dietary, and supplement routine will be unique and different.

What does this mean for you and helping your children with Autism?

Every child is different and it is a moving target sometimes but we work with families until we have found a solution that works.

Our go-to is our in-house brand TrueMedX Focus product line. We have children and adults using these for attention, focus, help with OCD and ADHD and ASD. If there is a severe case with extreme anxiety we will recommend our Calm in place of Focus.

 Another option is to get on a Bioresonance scan so we can see if there is an overgrowth of a bacteria or anything else fighting against our natural strategies. If you're looking for a holistic approach to supporting your child, we're here to help!