Get Healthy Nutritional Health Coaching

Our Get healthy program is a very robust program complete with dietitians, analytical labs, services and natural products to help you reach your health goals. By joining this program you will get a free consultation with Chip to help you both decide the best course of action to address your specific needs. This program is designed for children or adults.

Here is what is included in the monthly subscription:

  1. ​FREE 15 minute Consultation with Chip
  2. Dietary and Nutritional Assistance
  3. Exercise Plans
  4. Personalized Health Improvement Plan
  5. Supplemental Education and Resources
  6. Recommendations with free samples from TrueMedX
  7. 40% discount on TrueMedX Bioceuticals
  8. 2 FREE weekly shakes or smoothies from Neighborly Nutrition
  9. Monitoring and planning software
  10. Chat & Video feature for easy communications

The cost for the Get Healthy program is $300 to start and $39.95 per month.

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